• Wired news story on hacking Broadband and GRC's Steve Gibson
  • New Intel roadmap posted at Sharky Extreme
  • GideonTech's guide to online buying and selling
  • SystemLogic - A Guru's World: where the rants come from
  • the Duke of URL reviews Conectiva Linux 5.0
  • The Tech Zone's editorial: when overclocking is not overclocking
  • C|Net Gamecenter on playing games on your laptop
  • MS Security Bulletin (MS00-080): vulnerability in MS Information Server

  • tecChannel's preview of VIA Apollo Pro266 (in English)
  • iXBT-Labs has some info on the AMD-760, Mustang, VIA Apollo Pro266, and Intel i815EM
  • LostCircuits reviews Iwill KV200
  • Active-Hardware reviews ECS P6VXA VIA Apollo Pro133A socket mobo
  • Digital Web 3D reviews Transcend TS-ASL3 VIA Apollo Pro133A
  • Target PC reviews Azza KT133BX Socket A

Storage & tweaks

  • Tom's Hardware reviews AOpen CRW-1232
  • HardwareCentral on Promise FastTrak100
  • Tweak3D's boot-time tweak guide
  • littlewhitedog's follow-up to dual-booting Linux and Win2k

  • Eurogamer review Duron 750 MHz
  • TweakTown on Senfu thermometer probe
  • PCExtremes reviews AMK keylock
  • Speedy3D's Slot 1 cooling guide
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