Intel P45 chipset to support CrossFire X

AMD completed its acquisition of ATI over a year ago, but the rumor mill suggests Intel is still committed to offering ATI CrossFire multi-GPU support in its future chipsets. A report by DigiTimes quotes anonymous insiders at motherboard manufacturers as saying Intel's next-gen performance/mainstream chipset, the P45 Express, will have support for AMD's latest CrossFire X multi-GPU tech.

According to DigiTimes, AMD asserted after the acquisition that it would still be open to licensing CrossFire to third parties, but the departures of former high-profile ATI executives like ex-CEO Dave Orton cast doubt on that strategy. Still, Intel's existing P35 and X38 Express chipsets continue to support CrossFire, and Intel has reportedly renewed its license with AMD for upcoming 4-series chipsets. As DigiTimes points out, continued collaboration between Intel and AMD may put pressure on Nvidia, which only offers SLI support on motherboards based on its own nForce chipsets.

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