Even more holiday giveaway cheer at FiringSquad

The high-end PC hardware is just falling from the sky during this season, or so it seems.  The good folks at FiringSquad are giving away a cool $5,000 worth of hardware, including a custom-built Ultimate SLI gaming rig.  You can read about the hardware up for grabs or go here to enter.  Check it out.

Oh, and the editors over there have built, tweaked, and benchmarked that SLI gaming rig themselves.  Here's their article about overclocking the thing.  I suppose we could have assembled the first-prize combo in our own giveaway into a complete system for the winner, but it seemed to me like we'd be hogging all the fun of doing the build.  If you guys would like, we could try building next year's grand-prize system.  Hmmm.

By the way, while you're at it, you can increase your odds of taking home a prize by entering our own Christmas giveaway, with over $5K of prizes on the line, and by signing up for Gigabyte's overclocking contest, with over $10K in cash money prizes for the taking.  Yikes. 

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