PlayStation 2 mania on Thursday

— 1:45 AM on October 24, 2000

Thursday the 26th marks the U.S. debut of Sony's PlayStation 2 but because Sony has halved its initial shipment of 1 million units to 500,000, availability will be scarce. Sony Computer Entertainment, its game division, is responsible for 30% of Sony's profits. ZDNet is characterizing the U.S. launch as a "huge gamble". Could it be because they are using expensive RDRAM? Sony will also be announcing third quarter earnings on the same day. I've been using a PS2 on and off so I can say first hand that it is pretty good but the first generation games don't nearly take advantage of what the machine is capable of. Since Halloween is around the corner I guess it is okay for things to get surreal. In China, a console very similar to the PlayStation has been spotted. Dubbed the "PolyStation," it looks just like a PlayStation but when you pop the lid up you find that it accepts Nintendo game cartridges instead of CD-ROMs. There is also a VCD (video CD) player that is almost an exact facsimile of the PlayStation. Holy haunted house! Maybe this Christmas will be dreamy after all.

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