Win a rabid, killer toaster from Tech Share '07

The time has come for another look at a prize package from our holiday giveaway of over $5,000 worth of brand-new PC components, along with an update on our efforts to purchase Asus Eee PC laptops for a Ugandan school.  We've lashed these disparate elements together under the banner of TR Tech Share 2007, and you guys have responded with incredible generosity and kindness.

Let's begin by looking at our second-prize combo, one of three prize packages we're giving away absolutely free in a random drawing.  This collection of goodies is anchored by a Shuttle XPC small form factor box, so it can easily be assembled into a rabid, killer toaster.  Here's a shot of the goods:

Let's review from left to right, starting with the Corsair kit with 2GB of premium 800MHz DDR2 memory and a Dominator-style cooler.  Next to that, on the bottom, is our toaster-sized, jet-black Shuttle SG33G5 barebones system, complete with motherboard, cooling, and power supply—everything you need to build a stylish little PC.  On top of it sits an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 processor, ready to drop into the Shuttle's LGA775-style CPU socket.  Next to the CPU is an A-Data 2GB thumb drive, for your portable storage.  To the right of the Shuttle box is an XFX GeForce 8800 GTS 320GB graphics card, capable of pumping out fluid quantities of gorgeous eye candy.  Finally, on the far right, we have a 750GB Caviar SE16 hard drive from Western Digital, one of the fastest and quietest desktop drives around.  All told, we're looking at over $1,000 in new PC hardware and one very nice little toaster box, ready to slice through the latest games with ease.

You can enter to win this prize package, or one of our two others, simply by going here, reading the rules, and signing up for the giveaway.  Totally free.  As of today, we have 1,600 entries for the giveaway.  Those are still pretty good odds as these things go, so don't miss out.

Of course, we'd like folks who enter to also consider donating $25 or so to our charity cause.  We're raising money to provide Asus Eee PC laptops to a primary school in Uganda, and we have the details about that effort in our Tech Share '07 introductory article.  This is the exciting part of our update, because I'm pleased to announce we've met our first goal of $4,000 and rocketed past that to a current grand total of $6,052.38.  And that's after credit-card processing fees.

This means we've crossed some key thresholds.  Meeting our initial goal of $4K means we can buy at least 10 Eee PCs for an EEC classroom while covering the initial shipping fees.  Making it past $5K means we've surpassed the total value of the prize packages in our giveaway.  The next big milestone would be $6400, which would put us past the total for last year's fund-raiser, which was tied more directly to winning a prize via a raffle format.  If we can pass that with this year's open-entry system, you guys will have really impressed me, I have to say.

However, I'm going to go ahead and peg our next goal at $7,500, because we could use the additional funds to achieve what we want for the school.  The first $4K raised will go to buy at least 10 Eee PC systems.  Anything above that will be divided between these priorities: covering broker and customs fees that we'll have to pay to get the laptops into Uganda, paying for the installation of Internet access at the school and the first six months worth of service, and buying additional Eee PC systems as funds permit.  Our current total should allow us to deliver a working setup to the school, but we could provide more computers and the appropriate infrastructure for them with additional funds.

Thanks again to our sponsors, who donated the prizes, and to everyone who has contributed to the cause.  If you haven't signed up or donated yet, it's not too late.  We'll be taking giveaway entries until the end of '07.  Head to our Tech Share 2007 article for more info.

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