Intel pulls out of One Laptop Per Child foundation

Last October, we reported that Intel and the One Laptop Per Child foundation had kissed and made up, and that Intel had opted to join the foundation. All seemed to be going well, and Intel announced three months later that it was developing a processor designed to replace the AMD Geode chip that sits inside current OLPC XO laptops. However, the Associated Press now reports that Intel has abruptly pulled out of the OLPC program.

Intel spokesman Chuck Mulloy tells the AP that Intel and the OLPC foundation reached a "philosophical impasse." In short, the OLPC foundation asked Intel to discontinue work on its own low-cost laptop—the Classmate PC—and to focus on the XO exclusively, but Intel refused. "At the end of the day," Mulloy explains, "we decided we couldn't accommodate that request."

According to the AP, the breakup comes as the OLPC foundation was preparing to show off an XO laptop prototype powered by an Intel chip at the forthcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Thanks to TR reader Albert for the tip.)

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