Deal of the week: Storage and CPU upgrades

We're featuring two bargains in this week's deal post. Our first pick is pretty standard fare: a cheap hard drive. According to our price search engine, ZipZoomFly is selling Western Digital's 500GB Caviar SE16 hard drive for $99.50 shipped. At that price, you're paying just under 20 cents per gigabyte for a half-terabyte drive with excellent performance, very low noise levels, and support for 300MB/s Serial ATA transfer speeds and Native Command Queuing. The drive's only downside is its three-year warranty, but equivalent models from Seagate with five-year warranties are pricier, slower, and louder.

Our second deal is a more unusual one. Newegg is currently offering AMD's 2.2GHz Phenom 9500 quad-core processor for $189.99 shipped—leagues south of AMD's official $251 price. This isn't a processor we'd necessarily recommend for a new build, especially in light of the TLB erratum fiasco. However, it's a compelling solution for users who already have a compatible Socket AM2 motherboard and want a quad-core upgrade that doesn't break the bank. Considering that Intel's cheapest quad-core chip costs nearly $80 more, the Phenom 9500 is easily the most affordable quad-core offering on the market today.

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