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Blame the Subway series for the late start. InQuest considers the effectiveness of the VIA Apollo Pro 266R as matchmaker to Pentium III and DDR memory. Bert McComas uses PC2100 CL3 memory (too bad it is not CL2) in this performance report. Does DDR memory shine? Take a peek for yourself. It won't bite, honest. There is also an official announcement of Platform 2001.

Can't say the same about Rambus. Oh, she stoops to conquer. Read this story to see that not even Intel is immune from her prickly ways.

Simmtester has the early benchmarks of the ALi KA-266R DDR chipset with the Athlon. The Register is now reporting that both ALi and VIA will be supporting the itinerant Pentium 4. Third party chipsets may give the almost stillborn Pentium 4 a chance in the marketplace after all. The most striking news from ALi is their development of a RISC processor and game emulation software in the hopes of penetrating the China market with DVD devices that can play PlayStation games. I guess this story on PlayStation look-alikes wasn't a humorous joke after all.

Did TR start a trend? Check out what 3DnHardware's Chrysta Dieterly has to say about girls and computers. CPL, GameGirlz, and Stomped will be sponsoring an all-female Quake III one-on-one tournament. Finally, Kyle Bennett of the [H]ard|OCP has hit the big-time with this article explaining the black art of overclocking videocards on C|Net Gamecenter. Glance down at the bottom of the first page for a quick laugh. Say what about warranties? Celebrities these days. They think they got this thing all figured out...

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