Nehalem to go mainstream in second quarter of 2009

AMD probably doesn't need to worry about competition from Intel's next-generation Nehalem architecture on the desktop for the near future, if a report by DigiTimes is accurate. The Taiwanese website quotes insiders at motherboard firms who claim Intel won't have performance and mainstream Nehalem-based chips out the door until 2009.

Reportedly, Intel plans to introduce its first Nehalem chip in the fourth quarter of this year, but DigiTimes says that processor will be aimed at "high-end markets"—presumably a part with the familiar "Extreme" suffix. Cheaper quad-core Nehalem chips will come out "before the second quarter of 2009," and dual-core variants will follow in Q2.  DigiTimes adds that Intel will launch dual- and quad-core Nehalem-based processors for notebooks at the end of the second quarter.

Incidentally, dual-core notebook and desktop Nehalem variants (code-named Lynnfield and Havendale, respectively) are expected to feature an integrated graphics core. AMD's "Swift" notebook processor that's due in 2009 will also have a built-in GPU.

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