Saw up on /. that the guy behind Lotus Notes is set to reveal a secret project he's been working on for three years now with over 100 programmers. Called Groove Transceiver, the program promises to be a powerful collaboration tool available both as a free download (for a stripped down version), and a full retail package for businesses needing its full functionality.
Ozzie, 44 years old, calls it "a platform for person-to-person-to-person collaboration with the spontaneity of e-mail" that does not rely on larger, central computers, as Notes and other collaborative software do. Having a shared space on the individual computer's hard drives could make work faster, minimize the bandwidth burden on corporate networks, and ease the encryption of documents necessary to keep group work secure on a network.
The possibilities for this are quite striking... especially with the fully functional retail version. Personally I can't wait. Check out the full story at ZDNet. Wired also has a pretty in-depth look at Groove here.
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