Phenom 9600 Black Edition hits Newegg

The latest member of AMD's Phenom processor lineup has become available for purchase. We've spotted the Phenom 9600 Black Edition in stock at Newegg with a price tag of $239.99 and free shipping. That's a few bucks less than AMD's official list price of $283, although Newegg and some other e-tailers have been selling Phenoms for significantly less than their suggested prices since last month.

The Phenom 9600 Black Edition is identical to its Phenom 9600 counterpart in almost every respect: it has the same 2.3GHz clock speed, 512KB of L2 cache per core, 2MB of L3 cache per chip, 1.8GHz HyperTransport clock, and 95W power rating. However, unlike the vanilla 9600, the Black Edition features an unlocked multiplier, allowing users to overclock it without having to touch the base HT clock.

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