Crysis patch improves performance, fixes bugs

Crytek has released the first patch for its notoriously demanding first-person shooter Crysis. The 1.1 patch includes 31 fixes, updates, and tweaks, and Crytek says it mainly addresses performance issues. Indeed, the lengthy change log for the patch lists fixes for a couple of memory leaks related to antialiasing and DirectX 10 graphics, not to mention optimizations for antialiasing and motion blur.

Also listed in the change log are fixes for various bugs, crash-inducing hiccups, and several tweaks to multiplayer balance. MP tweaks include reduced rocket splash damage against infantry in the game's Power Struggle multiplayer mode, slower rockets, rocket hit detection tweaks, and a reduced radius for grenade explosions.

The Crysis 1.1 patch weighs in at a hefty 139.15MB and can be downloaded from a variety of locations including FileShack,, Crymod, and Nvidia recommends that users of SLI multi-GPU setups install the 169.28 beta release of its ForceWare graphics drivers (available here) in order to obtain optimal performance.

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