Antec launches Mini P180 case, Signature power supplies

As the Consumer Electronics Show rolls on, Antec has launched a pair of new products aimed at PC builders and enthusiasts. The first is a diminutive version of the company's popular P180 case, which Antec has simply dubbed the Mini P180, while the other is a new line of power supplies.

We already saw the Mini P180 in person at Computex last year, but now Antec has named a December release time frame for the product. The Mini P180 will accommodate a microATX motherboard, eight drives, a top-mounted 200mm fan, and the same noise-reduction goodies as its big brother, including composite side panels and rubber grommets. Antec will price the case at $159 and offer three years of warranty coverage.

Antec's Mini P180

The Mini P180. Source: The Tech Report.

Antec's other new introduction is the Signature series of power supplies, which is launching in 650W and 850W variants with immediate availability. Antec defines Signature PSUs as "super-premium" units boasting "cutting-edge innovations" like active DC-to-DC voltage regulation and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) cooling fans. The former increases system stability by reducing transient response times from around a millisecond to 10 microseconds, Antec says, while PWM fans ensure quiet operation by being able to run at just 15% of their maximum speed, compared to 40% for conventional models.

Signature PSUs feature two fans (one 120mm at the rear and one 200mm at the top), a dual power circuit board layout, modular cabling, 80 PLUS certification (ensuring at least 80% efficiency), and five years of warranty coverage. That bundle doesn't come cheap, though: Antec says it is charging $249 for the 650W Signature model and $299 for the 850W unit.

Update January 12: An Antec spokeswoman tells us that the December time frame quoted in the Mini P180 press release is a misprint, and that the new case is in fact available now.

Update January 15: The same Antec spokeswoman now tells us the case will in fact ship in late February or early March.

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