Rambus row splits Intel

A link to this story is posted below, but I just have to move this one up to a full post so y'all don't miss it. Electronic News has a truly intriguing story about internal dissention at Intel over the push for Rambus DRAM. This article is fully of juicy info from insider sources. For example:
Intel's senior management ignored early warnings from its own engineering staff that Rambus technology would be hard to implement, according to the source. "Requests for information went up the chain and there never would be any response. Two years ago we told them that technically it was a poor proposition at best. But they relied on Rambus for all of the engineering expertise in this area," the former employee said.

"We told them there wasn't enough design margin; they were going to be hurt by noise and impedance problems. (One staff member) determined there was negative timing margin. This was repeated to upper management. The reported response from (one executive) was, 'It's not the first time we've shipped devices with negative margin.' "

Juicy juicy! This one is a must-read. Beyond the internal Intel discord, the article speculates about the parts of the Intel-Rambus contract that aren't public, and how that contract may keep Intel shackled to RDRAM for the time being.
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