Shuttle intros $199 kPC

Shuttle has scores of small form factor systems on display at CES, but the most interesting is easily a budget kPC system that will sell for $199. Sub-$200 systems are actually becoming more common these days, but the kPC's small, stylish form factor is certainly unique in this segment. Shuttle has based the kPC on a Mini ITX chassis that includes a Celeron 420 processor, Intel 945G chipset, 60-80GB hard drive, 512MB of DDR2 memory, and a 100W power supply. Cooling will be provided by Intel's stock processor heatsink, although users will have the option of upgrading to Shuttle's own ICE cooler.

To keep costs down, the kPC will run a version of Ubuntu Linux. Users will also be free to install the OS of their choice. Those looking to roll their own hardware will be able to purchase the system as a traditional small form factor barebones for only $99, as well.

The kPC design isn't quite finalized, and Shuttle is currently grappling with whether it will include an external 5.25" optical bay. A PCI Express expansion slot should make it into the final revision, though. Expect to see the kPC show up at retailers like Newegg and Fry's within the next couple of months.

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