Curved Alienware monitors wows, disappoints

One of the many showpieces at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week has been a giant, curved monitor displayed by boutique PC vendor Alienware. The folks at Shacknews have had a chance to get up close and personal with the display, and they've written up an article with their experiences—not to mention pictures galore.

The monitor has a resolution of 2880x900, a response time of just .02ms, and a single, curved surface is equivalent in size to a pair of 24" monitors standing side-by-side. Shacknews' Nick Breckon tried playing Crysis on it, and was impressed... that is, until he tried moving around.

You see, three clearly-visible bars immediately appeared upon strafing, a symptom of overlapping projection. To me, they were much more visible than early reports seemed to indicate. These weren't the thin, barely-noticeable lines of a Trinitron, but thick white bars that bled through the image, completely ruining any wow-factor the monitor had accrued in my geek heart.

Breckon captured the bars in this picture. He says Alienware claims the bars will be gone by the time the display hits production, but he sees other downsides with the monitor. Namely, the picture supposedly looks faded and lacking in color depth, the display has a footprint "larger than T-Rex," and Alienware is likely to ask an outrageous amount of money for it.

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