Vista could have used more polish, hints Gates

Many IT pundits and bloggers have dissed Windows Vista since its release last January, but unsurprisingly, few critiques have originated from Microsoft itself. However, as Gizmodo found, Vista isn't without its detractors at even the highest levels of the company.

During an interview with Microsoft Chairman and part-time philanthropist Bill Gates, Gizmodo asked, "In the last say, five years, what one product would you wish you could've polished a little more?" Gates paused for a moment then replied bluntly, "Uh... Ask me after we ship the next version of Windows. [laughs] Then I'll be more open to give you a blunt answer." You probably don't need to be an analyst with a Ph.D. to decipher that statement, which suggests there's a fair share of disappointment regarding Vista's polish inside Microsoft itself.

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