3dfx: quo vadis?

— 4:31 AM on October 26, 2000

What will 3dfx have to show at Comdex? Some websites are interpreting this Yahoo story to mean that they will not have anything new to show but there is this post on a bulletin board (always great for rumours) speculating about 3dfx's next generation Rampage and others blatantly ripped from 3dfx Gamers:

Spector 3200: with a core tact from 200mhz, 4 pixel pipelines and deferred rendering it is reached by intelligent design pixelf├╝llrate from 3,2 GIGAPIXELN. By 3 textureinheiten 9,6 GIGATEXEL is reached done - by thought-out speichermanagement with 4 MB edRAM (22gb / s!) and 64 MB 128 bits GDR of main storages this is also reached in real-world! About the external, programable geometry chip LEGEND it is achieved polygonleistung from fabulous 55 millions triangles/s. The ticket(map) is presented officially on the COMDEX and is produced in 0,15 herstellungsprozess. Price: 350 USD. Spector 9600: for the Highend Gamer which can never get enough. With 300mhz PER CHIP 9,6 GIGAPIXEL is reached with this 2x solution. This corresponds to 28,8 GIGATEXELN. The ticket(map) orders GDR warehouse of 8 MB edram and 128 MB 128 bits. 110 millions poly/s!!! All other data like with spector 3200th price: 750 USD.
Let's follow the smoking gun to the original post by Neo69 as part of the comments on NVIDIA's NV20 at 3D Concept. This was then run through a translator which explains the mangled English. I don't know if 3dfx really is "the most trusted name in graphics and computer entertainment for the PC and Macintosh" but I hope that 3dfx can survive long enough to release their upcoming products. The editors will be going to Comdex and providing you with great coverage of the event just like they did last year.
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