Amiga announces the AmigaOne

I had provided a link to this story previously in Shortbread, but since there are a lot of you out there who are Amiga fans, let's blow it up into a full post. Amiga will be joining a crowded field next year when they attempt to make a comeback. In a stunning move, they have released the specs to a new hardware architecture. The AmigaOne (code-named "zico") will be targeted at the desktop and workstation markets at first but will later cover the entire spectrum down to the Personal Digital Assistant market. Amiga won't be making the hardware themselves. Instead, third party manufacturers like Eyetech will be the ones who build it. This baby sports PowerPC compatibility and will use the next generation Matrox graphics card (interesting choice). Ultimately, their goal is to extend the market base for their Amiga Digital Environment (DE), a software development platform. The AmigaOne is scheduled for delivery in time for Q3 2001. For more stories, check out the news coverage at C|Net News, MaximumPC, The Register, /., and Yahoo (thanks David Kirby). The sentimental among you may want to take a wistful stroll down memory lane with Dr. Damage's "Remembering the Amiga's glory days: FES '92."
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