Zombie co-op game Left 4 Dead previewed

Left 4 Dead, the upcoming Source-engine based zombie game by Turtle Rock Studios Valve Software, hasn't drawn all that much media attention since it was revealed a year ago. Nonetheless, the title is hotly anticipated by fans of zombie movies, the survival horror genre, and co-operative gaming alike. A couple of staffers from Shacknews were lucky enough to test the game, and they've put together a two-page preview detailing their experiences.

The preview kicks off with impressions from Shacknews' Chris Faylor, who draws parallels between the classic blunders of characters in zombie horror films and the panicked mistakes he made while playing the game. Regarding a session where he and fellow editor Aaron Linde had to fight through a cornfield crawling with the undead, Faylor says, "it was honestly one of the scariest moments I've ever experienced in a video game."

Linde, meanwhile, commends the game's refinement and development of co-op gameplay dynamics, and he delivers praise similar to his colleague's: "In the back of my head I remarked that I had just experienced the most intense zombie horror flick I'd ever seen, and actually played a part in its unfolding."

Shacknews received word from Valve that Left 4 Dead is scheduled for a release in August or September. The Valve team still has a fair amount of work to do, including the creation of additional content, performance tuning, bug hunting, and the completion of in-game user interface. However, Faylor says his time with the game suggests it will be "well worth the wait."

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