AMD reports $1.77B loss due to ATI acquisition charge

When we received AMD's fourth quarter financial results announcement, we had to do a double-take on the net loss figure. Far from the few hundred million dollars it lost each quarter between Q4 2006 and Q3 2007, this time AMD posted a net loss of $1.772 billion, on revenue of $1.770 billion. By contrast, AMD posted $396 million in net losses and $1.632 billion in revenue for the previous quarter, and in Q4 2006, the company posted $1.773 billion in revenue and $574 million in net losses.

The gigantic net loss figure for Q4 2007 is a little overblown, though. In its announcement, AMD says $1.608 billion of that $1.772 billion corresponds to "ATI impairment of goodwill and acquired intangible assets." We're not financial analysts by any stretch of the term, but based on our understanding of impairment of goodwill, AMD is writing off some of what paid for ATI's non-material assets. That $1.608 billion therefore doesn't look to be a material loss, making AMD's figure a whole lot less dramatic.

All in all, AMD's revenue went up 8% between Q3 and Q4 last year, its margin climbed from 41% to 44%, and its non-GAAP-adjusted operating loss went down from $148 million from $9 million, meaning it was "close to break-even operationally." AMD also boasts that it shipped a record number of microprocessors in Q4, including 400,000 quad-core chips. For this quarter, AMD says it expects revenue to go down with seasonality, although it hasn't made any predictions regarding potential losses or profits.

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