Low-power Phenom, Athlon specs leak out

AMD told us last week that it plans to introduce a low-power Phenom processor with a 65W power envelope later this quarter, and it reiterated that plan during yesterday's quarterly financial announcements conference call. Today, Taiwanese site DigiTimes reports that it has managed to obtain the chip's specifications along with those of three upcoming dual-core chips.

According to DigiTimes, AMD's first low-power Phenom will bear a 9100e model number and come out in February or March. The chip will have a clock speed of 1.8GHz, a 65W TDP, and support for DDR2-1066 memory. In the second quarter, AMD will phase out the 9100e and replace it with a Phenom 9150e, which will have the same specs but be based on the TLB erratum-free B3 stepping.

Along with the low-power Phenoms, DigiTimes says AMD has three low-power, dual-core Athlon processors planned: a 2.5GHz Athlon 4850e, a 2.3GHz Athlon 4450e, and a 2.1GHz Athlon 4050e. All three chips will reportedly have 1MB of L2 cache and support for DDR2-800 memory, but DigiTimes doesn't quote thermal envelopes for those models.

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