Next Windows release said to be on track for 2009

Windows users had to wait six years for Microsoft to move on from Windows XP to Windows Vista, and the transition has been far from painless for many. However, contrary to prior statements, Microsoft appears to still be committed to a quicker release schedule for its future desktop operating system product.

A report by TG Daily cites “several industry sources” as saying the next version of Windows, which Microsoft dubs Windows 7 internally, is on track for a release in the second half of 2009. Reportedly, Microsoft has already shipped a “Milestone 1” release of the upcoming operating system to partners for validation, and it intends to follow up with further milestone releases throughout 2008.

There’s no word yet about the features Microsoft eventually plans to squeeze into Windows 7. Nonetheless, TG Daily says the milestone is out in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, and that it includes new Media Center software as well as “the ability . . . to handle a heterogeneous graphics system consisting of multiple graphics cards from different vendors.”

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