AMD 760 chipset on Monday?

Rumors are flying about AMD's impending launch of their Athlon chipset with support for double data rate (DDR) SDRAM. ZDNet is reporting that the launch will come on Monday, with AMD expecting to match the Pentium 4 in performance. ZD says the 760 will support a 266MHz system bus, and AMD will introduce Athlons intended to run on a 133/266MHz bus. Surprisingly, ZD is very positive about AMD's new tech, saying it will make for "monster PCs".

Of course, before ZDNet blessed this story, JC let the world know about Monday's planned European Press launch of the 760. Among the companies named in the document at JC's: NEC, Gigabyte, Infineon, and Via. Quite the line-up.

Furthermore, ZDNet's parent company, c|net, has a story about the 760 release, echoing their child company's report. One interesting bit from the c|net story is mention of AMD's plans for future Athlon speed grades: "Rather than have each processor increase by 100 MHz, each new chip will be 133-MHz faster than its predecessor, said Mark Bode, divisional marketing manager at AMD." Makes sense, I s'pose.

Thanks to NeWs dAwG for enthusiastically sending these links. Stay closely tuned to TR for more on this one as it unfolds...

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