HBO, RoadRunner subscribers to get movies online

Time Warner will launch a new distribution service for movies and TV shows tomorrow, according to a report by the DVD Dossier. The service, dubbed HBO on Broadband, involves its Time Warner Cable and Home Box Office divisions, and will be available only to customers of Time Warner Cable’s Wisconsin Division at first.

Through HBO on Broadband, those who subscribe to Road Runner cable Internet, HBO, and HBO On Demand will be able to download HBO movies and shows from a selection of 600 titles at no charge. Content will appear on the service for a duration of 4-12 weeks, with the latest episodes of TV shows to go online five to ten minutes after the TV broadcast ends. Users will have access to a live stream of the East Coast HBO feed, as well.

To use the service, users will need a proprietary HBO player running on a system hooked up to a Road Runner connection. Downloads will be copy-protected, although Time Warner will be somewhat lenient, allowing a maximum of five computers per account and five users per household. Only PCs running 32-bit versions of Windows will be supported, though. (Thanks to Engadget for the tip.)

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