Intel, TSMC talk process technologies at IEDM conference

For those interested in the nitty-gritty details of process technology, David Wang over at Real World Technologies has written up an article about last month's International Electron Devices Meeting. The IEDM is the world's main forum on semiconductor technology, and in December, attendees included Intel, Taiwan's TSMC, and Fujitsu.

Wang's article goes over the three companies' process technology advances, and it compares Intel's 45nm process tech with that of TSMC. (TSMC is the world's largest independent foundry, and it makes the bulk of graphics processors for both AMD and Nvidia, including the 55nm RV670 GPU on Radeon HD 3870 cards.) At IEDM, Wang says TSMC discussed an immersion lithography-based 45nm process tech that has finer geometries than Intel's dry lithography-based 45nm tech. Unlike Intel, TSMC also talked about its upcoming 32nm process tech. Wang says TSMC's 32nm tech is currently only suitable for low-speed, high-transistor-count applications, though.

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