Ageia snagged by unknown bidder?

In late November last year, we reported that AMD was eyeing a purchase of physics processor and software maker Ageia. AMD Head of Developer Relations Richard Huddy said an Ageia buyout wasn't out of the question, but he added that AMD didn't have the cash for it, and that other bidders were driving the sale price up. Those other bidders likely included Intel and Nvidia, but Huddy mentioned Sony and Nintendo, as well.

Well, Ageia still hasn't announced a buyout, but a new report by Fudzilla suggests a deal has already been struck and that an announcement is imminent. Citing an anonymous industry source, the rumor site says an also-anonymous company has agreed to purchase Ageia. The buyer's identity hasn't leaked out yet, but Fudzilla says it can confirm that AMD hasn't taken Ageia under its wing.

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