AMD held its ground against Intel last quarter

Following its fourth-quarter financial results announcement last week, AMD said it believed its share of the processor market had gone up. Indeed, the company's Computing Solutions business grew a comfortable 11% in Q4 and managed to stay profitable, suggesting AMD had taken some share back from Intel.

DigiTimes has now posted shipment estimates from market research firm IDC, and the numbers suggest AMD's assumption was mostly wrong. However, the research firm says AMD did manage to hold its ground in terms of market share, and that the processor maker rode on an 8.5% rise in unit shipments for the entire CPU market—a rise that propelled the market to a record number of shipments for Q4. Overall, IDC says AMD's processor market share added up to 23.09% in Q4, down slightly from the previous quarter's 23.46% and also down a couple of points from 25.32% a year before.

On the desktop in particular, IDC reports that AMD's share went up slightly from 27.46% in Q3 to 27.73% in Q4, but that the last figure was still short of the 29.04% share AMD enjoyed in Q4 2006. The world's number two processor maker also dipped from 19.38% in Q4'06 to 18.92% in Q3'07 and 17.82% in Q4'07 in the mobile market, but it fared better in the server space, where the launch of its quad-core Opterons helped push its share up from 13.93% in Q3 to 14.57% in Q4. Nonetheless, the Q4 server market share was down year-over-year from 23.24% in Q4'06.

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