Gigabyte launches power-saving Intel motherboards

Desktop processors have had power-regulation features for some time now, allowing them to scale clock speeds and voltages depending on loads. But what about motherboards? With its new Dynamic Energy Saver motherboards, Gigabyte has sought to carry that concept over into the motherboard world.

The Dynamic Energy Saver line includes three models based on Intel's X48 Express chipset, one based on the X38 Express chipset, and ten based on the P35 Express. A complete list is available in Gigabyte's press release. All 14 models feature a combination of hardware and software that allows the motherboard to dynamically switch power phases depending on processor load.

The unique multi-gear power phase design of GIGABYTE's Dynamic Energy Saver allows for the most efficient switching of power phases depending on CPU workload. When the CPU workload is light or at idle, the Dynamic Energy Saver downshifts gears and only allows the minimum required power phases needed to accomplish the task to operate. By turning off the power phases that are not needed, GIGABYTE's Dynamic Energy Saver is able to dramatically save power, up to 70% compared to traditional motherboards, that would normally have been wasted. As soon as the workload increases, Dynamic Energy Saver recognizes that more power is needed and is able to shift into higher gear, turning on power phases as they are needed.

Gigabyte also cites efficiency improvements of up to 20%, and it says folks can use the technology to dynamically adjust processor voltage, as well.

Gigabyte's Dynamic Energy Saver software tool. Source: Gigabyte.

With the Dynamic Energy Saver software tool, users can check on power-related system statistics, such as processor power use, the amount of power saved, and power savings over a period of time. You don't need the software to check up on the Dynamic Energy Saver feature, though: Gigabyte says supporting motherboards have an LED display mounted on the board that spits out different color codes depending on the power-saving setting.

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