United Keys, Foxconn prep Optimus-killer for the summer

Art Lebedev’s Optimus OLED keyboard has made many headlines over the past couple of years, but the keyboard’s prohibitive price tag (at least for a multi-OLED model) and limited availability makes it little more than a technical curiosity for most users.

However, as Engadget reports, a company called United Keys has teamed up with Taiwanese manufacturing giant Foxconn to produce a competing keyboard that could very well present a more realistic value proposition. The keyboard in question will be a gaming model, and like the Optimus, a number of its keys will double as programmable OLED displays. United Keys has a concept shot on its website, although the company doesn’t make it clear whether its gaming product will have the same design.

The concept keyboard. Source: United Keys.

Engadget quotes United Keys as saying it intends to start shipping its OLED keyboard some time this summer. The company also claims to hold two patents on the technology, adding that it looked for patents filed by Art Lebedev but failed to find any.

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