Apple posts record quarter amid 44% Mac growth

Much like Intel did last week, Apple has posted record financial results for the fourth quarter of last year. The iPod maker had revenue of no less than $9.6 billion, accompanied by a meaty $1.58 billion in net profits. Compared to the same figures for 2006, this year’s revenue and profits are 35% and 58% higher, respectively. (Apple had $7.1 billion revenue and $1 billion profit in Q4 2006.)

These results can be attributed in part to the success of Apple’s Mac lineup. Apple shipped 44% more Macs and raked in 47% more Mac-related revenue in Q4 2007 than in Q4 2006, with 2.32 million Mac sold. The iconic iPod line also fared well, of course, with 5% unit growth and 17% revenue growth for a total of 22.12 million iPods sold. Last, but not least, Apple sold 2.32 million iPhones in Q4.

According to the company’s quarterly earnings announcement conference call as transcribed by AppleInsider, Apple expects to sell another eight million iPhones or so by the end of this year. The company’s newly announced (but not yet shipped) MacBook Air is also showing promise, with Apple stating that orders “have been very strong” so far.

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