Ageia denies acquisition rumors

Despite the appearance of a rumor suggesting the contrary, Ageia hasn't been acquired by a third party. Or at least, that's what a company spokesman has told the folks at X-bit labs. The spokesman is quoted as stating simply, "We have no information about [the acquisition of Ageia]. There have been no changes [in the structure of investors]. As you know this kind of rumors pops up from time to time..."

A couple of days ago, rumor site Fudzilla posted a news item saying Ageia had agreed to be purchased by another company. Fudzilla said it didn't know the buyer's name, but it added that it could confirm AMD wasn't involved. Last year, AMD publicly expressed interest in a potential purchase of Ageia. A handful of other companies—including Nvidia, Nintendo, and Sony—were said to also be interested. According to X-bit labs, Ageia is currently owned by a group of half a dozen investors.

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