Next AMD integrated graphics chip to bring big speed gains?

We mentioned earlier today that AMD is planning to release a new integrated graphics chipset dubbed the RS780G in the near future. AMD hasn't said much about the chipset other that will support "hybrid graphics" technology, allowing it to be combined with a discrete graphics processor for higher performance (and lower power consumption).

Today, the guys at OC Workbench have posted what they say are benchmarks of the RS780G in action. The numbers only compare the RS780G with its predecessor, the 690G, but they nonetheless paint an interesting picture. In F.E.A.R., the RS780G is almost twice as fast as the 690G, scoring 29 FPS over the other contender's 15 FPS. And in 3DMark06, the RS780G scores 1162 points, up almost 400% from the 690g's 321 points.

OC Workbench says it ran both tests with the same processor and memory, so if its numbers are accurate, the RS780G could turn out to be a potent addition to a low-end PC—especially if paired up with one of the new Radeon HD 3600 or 3400 graphics cards.

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