Voodoo Extreme 2.0

Stuart sure is a tough act to follow but is that a baseball bat in your pants or are you just happy to see me? The Viagra must have finally kicked in as Voodoo Extreme 2.0 has managed to salute its previous limp self with the report that S3 will be changing its name to "Sonic Blue" today. Oh, my. Is the world ready? Check out what Epic's Tim Sweeney had to say:
Billy: We're going back online in an hour or so, and was hoping to get a quote from a well-known developer on VE being back up. Have anything that you'd like to say...a little something to post on the page o' love?

Tim: Dammit Billy, will you stop bugging me? A restraining order is one phone call away, ya jackass. I thought Utah lacked basic things like a way to get on the internet or even electricity. I'm working, you rat bastard, you probably just delayed our next-gen engine stuff!

Hell yeah! Now you can leave the vaseline and spatula alone and grab some honey-roasted 3D gaming goodness. Reach arounds for everybody! Get a taste of some here (same URL as before).
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