Linux’s KDE software headed to Windows

Have you ever fancied Linux-only applications, all the while being unable to come to grips with the operating system itself? A handful of apps made to complement Linux’s GNOME desktop environment have already made their way onto Windows (GIMP and Pidgin, to name a couple), but apps for the KDE desktop environment largely have not. Well, as Ars Technica reports, this situation is finally changing.

The KDE team is presently hard at work on Windows and Mac OS X ports of its software, aiming to bring apps like the Konqueror web browser and KOffice productivity suite to Microsoft’s and Apple’s respective operating systems. The ports are currently at the alpha stage, but those feeling adventurous can already download the latest Windows development snapshot to try it out.

Using said snapshot, Ars managed to successfully run Konqueror, the Kate text editor, the Dolphin file manager, and a game of Kmahjongg in Windows XP. The apps reportedly work, although Ars says they have some rendering glitches and “a few remaining platform-related bugs.” The installation process is still a little hairy, as well, since it involves editing Windows environment variables. Still, in the long run, the effort could allow more Windows users to get a taste for Linux software—and perhaps even sway some into become full-time Linux users.

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