DDR2 memory prices heading back up

About a week ago, we quoted a report that said memory prices were finally on their way back up after last year's downward spiral. The report said it was likely that pricing for 512Mb DDR2 memory chips would climb back from around $0.94 to over the $1 mark.

Well, this prediction has been validated in just a few short days. A quick look on the website of Taiwanese memory market research firm DRAMeXchange shows pricing for 512Mb DDR2 chips indeed inched up on January 23 to between $1 and $1.20 depending on the memory type and time of day. 1Gb chips have also gone past the $2 mark to $2.10-2.40. According to last week's report, the increase can be attributed to the forthcoming Chinese New Year as well as factory maintenance by ProMOS Technologies, Taiwan's number three memory manufacturer.

At the aforementioned prices, memory module makers have to pony up between $16 and $19.20 for enough chips to build a 1GB module, and $32-38.4 for a 2GB memory kit. That may drive retail memory prices up, although 2GB DDR2-800 name-brand kits can still easily be nabbed for less than $40.

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