AT&T announces 10Mbps DSL, free Wi-Fi for subscribers

Communications giant AT&T has struck another blow against cable providers by announcing a new DSL offer that's rated for a maximum speed of 10Mbps. The new service will launch under the AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet Max moniker next month, and AT&T will offer it to subscribers of its U-Verse TV-over-IP service for $55 a month.

Currently, the fastest service available to AT&T Yahoo! customers is rated for up to 6Mbps downstream with 1Mbps upstream, allowing respective maximum download and upload speeds of 750KB/s and 125KB/s. The 10Mbps service, by contrast, will allow top download and upload speeds of 1.25MB/s and 188KB/s (1.5Mbps), respectively. With U-Verse, AT&T uses part of the bandwidth of its broadband service to deliver access to as many as 320 TV channels, giving customers the option to bypass cable altogether.

As icing on the cake, AT&T says it will give subscribers of its DSL services free access to its Wi-Fi network, which counts 10,000 hot spots across the United States. Free, unlimited access will be available to anyone with an AT&T broadband service from the 1.5Mbps plan to the upcoming 10Mbps one.

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