Microsoft posts record quarter with $16.4B revenue

Just like Apple and Intel, Microsoft enjoyed record financial results last quarter. The software giant has posted revenue of $16.37 billion and operating income of $6.48 billion for its second financial quarter, which is equivalent to the fourth calendar quarter of last year. These results are 30% and 87% greater than those for the same time period a year ago, when Microsoft had revenue of $12.54 and raked in $3.47 billion in operating income.

Microsoft says last quarter's revenue is $2 billion more than expected, and it credits healthy Vista sales as well as "double-digit growth" in both its Business division and Server and Tools division for the rise. The company also says it has sold over 100 million Vista licenses and has seen its Client business grow a whopping 20% since Vista hit retail stores nearly a year ago.

Looking forward to its third financial quarter, which will be equivalent to the first calendar quarter of 2008, Microsoft expects revenue to shrink to $14.3-14.6 billion and operating income to dip to $5.6-5.7 billion. The company says it should make a total of $59.9-60.5 billion in revenue and $24.2-24.4 billion in operating income over its current fiscal year, which spans from July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008.

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