Microsoft's PR wars

Microsoft's PR campaign against Linux has begun to heat up. The following is an excerpt from this article:
In an advertising campaign devised by ad agency McCann Erikson, the company has come up with a splendidly witty retort, given that this is the IT industry it's obviously not that funny, to the bullish Linux brigade. The adverts consist of a number of penguins, based presumably on Tux the Linux mascot, that all have rather deformed, or at least mutated, heads. It's all fairly high level you understand.

Underneath this however Microsoft puts the boot in with the tag line that read, 'An operating system does not just have advantages' followed by the sucker-punch – 'It can mutate unexpectedly. But with Windows 2000, you get all of the services and support from the same vendor. That will save time and real money.' Pretty heavyweight stuff for Microsoft.

No mention is made of the various flavors of Windows on the market. That's not all; Microsoft is taking aim at Oracle. According to this ZDNet story:
He (Oracle's Larry Ellison) said Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) was unhappy with his latest stump speech, in which Ellison said that the only software that runs well on SQL Server running clustered Windows 2000 servers is the Transaction Processing Council's TPC-C benchmark suite. The TPC-C is an industry-standard test that measures transaction-processing-system throughput in terms of orders processed per minute.

"When Larry (Ellison) used a copy of SQL Server to run a TPC benchmark scenario and misrepresented SQL Server's capabilities on stage at OpenWorld, he violated Microsoft's licensing agreement," said SQL Server group product manager Steve Murchie.

Microsoft has told Oracle to 'cease and desist.' This was bound to happen with all the M$ security bulletins doing cosmetic surgery to their products. Early this Friday morning, C|Net news is reporting that Microsoft's computer network was hacked! Maybe M$ can learn something about security from Linux and Oracle.

MSN Explorer was officially released earlier this week. Not to be outdone, Netscape has released Communicator 4.76, which weighs in at 22.1MB. Speaking of handhelds, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 is now available for WindowsCE. A Developer Edition license will set you back $499.

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