Amazon MP3 to go international

The Amazon MP3 service launched in the United States just four months ago, and it currently offers music from all of the "big four" record companies in digital rights management-free MP3 format. However, folks in Canada, Europe, Australia, and elsewhere in the world who want to get their fill of sweet, sweet unprotected music are out of luckā€”the service is U.S.-only for the time being, and even international customers with Amazon accounts are being turned away.

This exclusivity is set to change this year, with Amazon announcing that it will begin Amazon MP3's international rollout in 2008. According to Amazon VP of Digital Music Bill Carr, the company has received "thousands of e-mails from Amazon customers around the world" asking when Amazon MP3 will become available outside the States. Neither Carr nor Amazon reveals any details about the international launch, such as specific time frames and pricing. Considering Amazon has stores in Austria, France, Germany, China, the United Kingdom, and Japan, it's not hard to figure out where the service might spread.

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