New mobile browser handles YouTube, Google Maps

If Apple’s mobile Safari browser makes you green with envy, but you’d rather not trade in your expensive Windows Mobile smart phone for an iPhone, there may be a solution. As Engadget reports, a company called Skyfire has unveiled a new mobile browser by the same name that brings a Safari-like user interface to Windows Mobile, with an exciting twist—full Flash support.

Indeed, Skyfire says its browser effortlessly handles YouTube and other Flash-based websites. There’s also support for Java and JavaScript, which lets the browser render sites like Google Maps as they would appear on a desktop PC. You don’t have to take the company’s word for it, either. A video up on YouTube shows the browser in action rendering CNN, YouTube, ESPN, and Google Maps pretty much flawlessly.

Skyfire is still in development, but users can sign up for a private beta test. To participate, a U.S. mobile phone number, some type of data plan, and a smart phone running either Windows Mobile 5 or 6 are needed. Symbian phones will be supported in future releases.

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