Windows 7 not coming until 2011?

Ten days ago, we pointed to an article on TG Daily that cited a number of industry sources as saying the next version of Windows, tentatively dubbed Windows 7, was scheduled for a launch in 2009. This information led some to suggest Microsoft was pushing Windows 7 forward because of Vista's lower-than-expected sales. As it turns out, however, the 2009 schedule seems to be quite different from Microsoft's actual plan. So reports Vista fan site The WinVistaClub, which says it received a statement from Microsoft clarifying the issue.

The site doesn't mention the name of its source, but it says the e-mail it received from the folks at Redmond stated, "We are currently in the planning stages for Windows 7 and expect it will take approximately 3 years to develop. The specific release date will be determined once the company meets its quality bar for release." In other words, if the information is genuine, Windows 7 may not be out until some time in early 2011—a good four years after Vista's retail launch.

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