Microsoft internal net compromised

I don't know if this is true, but it's damn interesting. Eurogamer sent some news saying that there are reports of Microsoft having their network hacked by some h4x0rs in Russia. If this is true, the hackers would have had access to all of Microsoft's projects in development, and anything else they wanted, for a few months before anyone at Microsoft even realized that their security was being compromised. Here's a little paragraph to satisfy, or pique, your curiousity:
"Reports are emerging in America that Microsoft has been the victim of a hacker attack. Nothing new there perhaps, but what is worrying is that the hackers have apparently had access to Microsoft's own internal network for as long as three months, including (according to rumours) the source code for products such as Microsoft Windows and Office. Microsoft are refusing to confirm what (if anything) was stolen or modified, and are calling the attack "a deplorable act of industrial espionage". At this early stage though it looks more likely that a group of rogue hackers were responsible, rather than another software development company."
Guess Internet Explorer ain't that secure, is it, Microsoft?!? :)

Update: In addition to the c|net report linked in Ronald's post below, this story is being reported by MSNBC, the BBC, the Associated Press, and probably everybody on your ICQ contact list. From MSNBC:

While there is no evidence that any changes have been made to the codes, and experts characterized such a risk as remote, any unauthorized alterations to Microsoft’s products would raise broad questions about the trustworthiness of some of the world’s most widely used software applications.
Comforting, huh?
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