Next AMD enthusiast chipset to have Hybrid Graphics

Earlier this month at CES, we reported on Nvidia's plans to introduce "Hybrid SLI" support across its high-end chipsets. In the future, the company's enthusiast chipsets will include an integrated graphics core, which users will be able to pair up with discrete graphics cards to both increase performance and reduce power utilization (by disabling the discrete adapter when it isn't needed).

According to the folks over at OC Workbench, AMD has similar plans for its future enthusiast core logic products. Reportedly, AMD is working on a 790GX chipset—code-named RS780D—that will include both Radeon HD 3300 integrated graphics and support for CrossFire X multi-GPU configurations. OC Workbench says the 790GX will be able to combine two discrete Radeons with the IGP in a three-way CrossFire configuration.

The chipset will supposedly rely on AMD's Hybrid Graphics technology, which the company has already publicly discussed in relation to its notebook and mainstream desktop products. Hybrid Graphics is expected to show up this year as part of AMD's "Puma" mobile platform, "Cartwheel" consumer desktop platform, and "Perseus" enterprise platform.

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