Futuremark to get into the games business

Finnish benchmark company Futuremark is already stealing some thunder from review sites with the graphics card and processor value rankings on its YouGamers site. The company has now announced plans to start competing with game developers, as well.

With the newly opened Futuremark Games Studio, Futuremark says it will develop games based on new and yet-unannounced intellectual property. Those titles combine Futuremark's know-how in creating appealing visuals with "the highest quality game play," according to company CEO Tero Sarkkinen. And although its benchmarking software has been notoriously hard on low-end systems, Futuremark promises that its upcoming games will "deliver stellar performance even on modest platforms."

Whether Futuremark can deliver on that promise will likely hinge on how well the company's programmers can break away from their current MO of developing engines with all the latest bells and whistles but little regard for performance. Some of the concepts showcased in current and past 3DMark benchmarks could certainly make for interesting gameplay, though.

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