Asus to expand Eee family with desktops, TV

Riding high on the success of its Eee PC low-cost sub-notebook, Asus is planning a dramatic extension of the Eee family to include new categories of products. As DigiTimes reports, Asus will add two desktop PCs and a TV to the Eee lineup as the year goes on.

One of the desktop systems, which DigiTimes refers to as the E-DT, is scheduled to make an appearance some time in April or May. Asus will cram an Intel Celeron processor in the system and sell it without a monitor with a price tag of $200 to $300. Later iterations may dip as low as $199 and will be based on Intel’s Shelton’08 platform, which is expected to combine 45nm Diamondville processors, Intel 945GC chipsets, and Windows Vista Home Basic certification.

For folks who’d rather not purchase a headless system, Asus will also come out with the E-Monitor. Despite what its name suggests, the E-Monitor will actually be an all-in-one PC similar to Apple’s iMac or Dell’s newly released XPS One. DigiTimes says the E-Monitor will have a 19-21" display, a  built-in TV tuner, and a price tag of $499. The E-Monitor, too, will be based on the forthcoming Shelton’08 platform.

Last, but not least, Asus is cooking up the E-TV, a full-blown 42" LCD television that will also integrate PC hardware and a Linux operating system. The extra hardware shouldn’t bump the E-TV’s price to more than $200 above comparable 42" models, DigiTimes says.

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