AMD stuff

  • Techweb's story on the Athlon's transition to the DDR platform (pics of AMD-760 here ~ thanks NeWs dAwG)
  • PlanetHardware reviews Athlon 1.2 GHz
  • ClubOC reviews Duron 800MHz
  • JC's experience with a Duron 800MHz, GF2 MX, and Abit KT7-RAID (thanks NeWs dAwG)
  • OCAddiction on mounting a heatsink to your Socket A motherboard (thanks Zeb Baird)

  • Winamp 2.666
  • Demos at Tranzmit: Art (OpenGL demo) and Crytek X Isle
  • SE reviews PixelView GF2 MX
  • PC Mechanic on USB 2.0
  • Penstar Systems reviews D-Link DSC-350 digicam
  • Chick's Hardware reviews MidiLand S4 7100 w/ADS 2000 speaker
Non sequiturs

  • The Register reports that Apple may ship the 600MHz G4 processor by early 2001
  • Sharky Extreme previews SiS630S FC-PGA chipset
  • Apu's Hardware's Counter-Strike accuracy table
  • Poit's Place has a guide to replacing your power supply unit
  • Futurelooks visits Infowave's Area 51 open house
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