Dell to enter phone market with Google-based handset?

Despite piles of analyst reports and rumors, Google failed to announce the famed Gphone last year. Instead, the company took the wraps off its Android mobile platform last November, saying its strategy would be to partner up with handset makers to create “thousands of Gphones.”

As MarketingWeek reports, one of the companies planning to partner with Google could be U.S. PC giant Dell. Dell and Google will apparently co-announce a new device at the 3GSM telecommunications conference in Barcelona, Spain next month. MarketingWeek attributes its information to “senior industry sources,” although it adds that Google insiders vehemently deny that any such deal is coming. There’s no word on whether the device will be Android-based or not.

By jumping into the handset market, Dell could attempt to steal some thunder from Apple’s iPhone. This wouldn’t be the first time the PC maker tried to compete on Apple’s turf outside the computer market, either: Dell produced MP3 players for some time after the iPod began to gather steam, although it gave up on that market a couple of years ago.

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