U.S. gets first place in Internet usage ranking

Many criticize the United States’ broadband infrastructure and say it compares unfavorably to that of some other countries, but according to a story at Ars Technica, a new report suggests the U.S. actually makes better use of the Internet than other nations. The report, which is the brainchild of Nokia Siemens and was put together by Professor Lenoard Waverman of the London Business School, rates countries not based on their infrastructure or the prevalence of broadband connections, but on how they utilize the Internet to enhance their social and economic prosperity.

Waverman ranked the ten nations who do best in that regard, and the U.S. squeezed into first place with a 6.97/10 rating. Next up was Sweden, followed by Japan, Canada, Finland, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, and South Korea. None of the countries scored a perfect 10, as there was reportedly room for improvement in all main areas examined—business, consumer, and government—even among the top-ranking nations.

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