Intel, Nvidia gained share in record fourth quarter for graphics

New numbers published by market research firm Jon Peddie Research suggest last quarter was a record fourth quarter for graphics processor shipments, with higher growth than in any fourth quarter since at least 2001. Shipments increased a whopping 17.08%, with both Nvidia and Intel enjoying incredible growth of 42.3% and 40.2%, respectively. AMD fared less spectacularly, although it still saw a very comfortable 26.2% rise in shipments.

So how were the fourth quarter's 106.37 million GPU shipments split up between the three companies? According to JPR, AMD was responsible for 22.8% of all shipments, while Nvidia had 31.8% and Intel carved the bigger piece of the pie 41.1%. Compared to last year, AMD seems to have largely held its ground (its Q4 06 share was 23%), while Nvidia's share increased 3.4 points and Intel's went up 3.7 points. Indeed, Intel seems to be taking back some of the market from its rivals, presumably thanks to its newer and faster GMA X3000 and GMA 3000-series integrated graphics processors.

JPR has also released numbers covering the desktop and notebook markets specifically. On the desktop, AMD had a 19% share, compared to 37.1% for Nvidia and 37.7% for Intel. In notebooks, AMD took the second place spot with a 29% share—up a cool 8.3 points—while Nvidia chalked up 22.8% of shipments. Intel essentially ruled the other half of the market with 47% of shipments.

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